Favorite Trail Running Gear, Grub and Goods of 2019



Reflecting on 2019 I ran many different trails on many different terrains in all different kinds of weather and formats. I wanted to highlight the gear, grub and goods that I found to be my “go-to’s” over the entire year!

Clothing Brands:

  1. Janji
    1. Runpaca SS shirt: Janji’s clothing is made so well. It is lightweight, comfy and versatile. You can wear this shirt from day to day, during your workouts or as on the go gear.
    2. W’s Horizon Long Bra: I wore this sports bra for EVERYTHING. I loved that I could layer it under tanks or shirts or wear it on its own without feeling extremely “showy” thanks to the long cut crop top style. It is extremely comfortable, stretchy so that I didn’t feel smushed in and I never struggled with chafing, even with the open keyhole feature on the back.
    3. Deviation Tight: These tights are bright and bold and not my usual style but I LOVE these tights. They are form-fitting, snug and don’t budge during runs or other sports (like rock climbing). They have a high waist (my favorite), are breathable and moisture-wicking which has been great during our Arizona rainy and cold winter weather.
    4. AFO Middle Short: These are my go-to shorts. I wear them constantly thanks to their comfort and free-feel while I’m running. I love the open-ness of the cut and the fun patterns you can get.
  2. On Running
    1.  Weather Jacket: This jacket is lightweight, easy to pack down and is very breathable. I’ve worn it as a windbreaker, to block out rain and hail and as a thin base layer to pack under a puffy jacket. This jacket is flexible, moves with your body and has cap-designed hood to keep the elements out during your adventures.
    2. 7/8 Tights:  These tights are comfy, seamless and move with you without causing chafing or struggling to pull them up at the waist constantly. I love the reflective elements in the fabric that make them shine and a pocket on the back that is big enough to hold a card and your phone, just in case.
  3. LuluLemon
    1. Hotty Hot Short: I’ve been rocking Lulu since I started and they still are some of my absolute favorite shorts to wear. They are short, comfortable and allow me to move really well.
    2. Free to Be bras: I have several different patterns of this same bra style because I like it so much. It’s supportive and lightweight along with being stylish. While style isn’t the first thing I look for on the trails, it definitely doesn’t hurt to like what you wear!
  4. Farm to Feet socks
    1. Trail specific high socks that don’t lead me to get blisters or hot spots. Done deal.
  5. Wrightsocks
    1. Wrightsocks double lined socks are ones I swear by. They saved my feet from blisters and feel like they are hardly there.


  1. Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 – The Speedgoat has been my favorite for nearly 2 years now, with the 4 becoming my go-to. I ran my first ultra and first 50 in these shoes, offering great support, grip and cushion for long efforts. From packed dirt to scrambling on peaks, I’ve loved these on every terrain!
  2. On Running Cloudventure  – The On Running Cloudventure is built for techie terrain with grippy, ridged soles that let you navigate with ease. They are light and breathable and made for a perfect pair for training on lots of jagged rock.



  1. SaltStick
    1. SaltStick offers chews and electrolytes that I swear by. During the summer, I use the chews a ton. They are easy to digest and taste sweet which makes it easy to want more! The electrolyte liquid drops have been a game changer as well, with no flavor, I add it to my water and have felt strong throughout the durations of my runs.
  2. Spring Energy gels – the only gels my body really likes and doesn’t go sour on. Thanks to the all-natural ingredients, these gels aren’t far off from what I typically consume in my diet, meaning my stomach doesn’t resist and my sugars don’t spike and crash.
  3. Trader Joe’s Fruit Buttons
    1. I’m obsessed with fruit leather now when I’m running and I love their version. They are easy to break off and eat on the go and the flavors are really tasty.
  4. CALM Magnesium supplement – I’m going to swear by this supplement forever. After feeling a bit lethargic after runs and like my energy was low, I started testing out CALM and have been sleeping better, feeling recovery time has lessened and my body feelings more energized than it did before.
  5. Mamma Chia Chia Seed Packs
    1. I love chia seeds. I love the energy they provide and how easy it is to suck them down on a run. Mamma Chia is my absolute favorite thanks to their flavor, consistency and variety (even offering prebiotic blends and energy blends)
  6. Trader Joe’s Date Bites
    1. The blueberry almond bites are like crack to me when I’m out on the trail. Easy for my stomach to process, gives me natural sugars and carbs and they are DELICIOUS.
  7. GU Roctane Energy Drink powder
    1. I recently started testing out GU Roctane and really like it. My stomach doesn’t love solid foods after roughly 20 miles and Roctane is turning out to be a great choice after that point so that I can continue gaining calories, carbs and vitamins
  8. NOKA packs
    1. Sweet potato / goji and blueberry beet are my two favorites to bring on adventures. The consistency of these packs are great, the packs themselves are dense and keep me fueled and the flavors are delicious!



  1. Nathan Sports VaporHowe 2.0: I switched from the FireBreaker 7L to this VaporHowe and have LOVED the transition. Not only is there more space for gear, snacks, water, etc but the fabric in and of itself is a huge game changer. I love the silky material that isn’t as aggressive on the skin as mesh if you’re running without a shirt, as well as how breathable the pack is. With tons of pockets and an internal water-resistant one near the chest it has made the perfect pack for all-weather without having to worry about damaging anything I want to bring along.
  2. Nathan Sports Handheld  – I had never tried a handheld bottle until this year and can easily say it has become one of my favorite things to use. Stuffing my phone and keys in the pocket and taking off without a second thought has been a nice transition. The pocket offers additional grip for your hand as I used the handheld bottle for my 24 hour relay and felt my hand begin to tire roughly 5 hours in. Using the pocket to tighten it around my hand meant I could loosen my grip and trust that I wouldn’t fling it out of my hand. Just an additional bonus to this product!
  3. Nathan Sports VaporHowe Waistpak – this waistpak allowed me to wean off of always wearing a pack and learn the freedom of running without things in my hands or on my chest! I started loving running more minimally, being able to having one water flexy bottle, space for light snacks and my keys/phone in the zip pocket!
  4. BioLite Headlamp: this little headlamp has been the best investment! It is tiny, doesn’t feel heavy or chunky on my head and is USB re-chargeable. If the light isn’t on full blast, it lasts for quite a long time (4 hours on full throttle, close to 8+ if dimmed).
  5. Runner’s High Herbals: Not necessarily gear but I’m gonna add it here because it has been so helpful to my running. I use their CBD infused balms to go on my achy joints and muscles (one that heats up and one that I use more as an herbal salve). Between the Some Like it Hot! and the SuperHerb, I find I have a topical salve for any need I may come across with recovery.
  6. Squirrel’s Nut Butter: The anti-chafe salve is life. I use it on my thighs and under my left arm (because I don’t chafe on the right…weird) and it is a LIFESAVER. Squirrel’s goes on smooth and doesn’t ball up with friction or get really greasy. It does get hard in cold weather which isn’t ideal, but is a small price to pay for a great product.

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